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How much does it take to meet the down payment requirements to buy?Some people might spit out a quick answer with a % amount without hesitation because of what they have heard in the past. The amount that you have to bring to the closing table to purchase your home varies.…
This is where I bought my first Arizona home in 2001. When I relocated my family from Oxnard, CA to El Mirage, AZ I didn't know anyone in town except my real estate agent and a friend who had relocated here several months before me.
Now it seems like everybody is online doing video conference calls and holding more meetings from home than we ever did while in the office. I have heard more than several people comment that they didn't talk this much to their co-workers when they were sitting just down…
I have to bring this up because I have heard people using the terms interchangeably as if they are the same thing. I can assure you they are NOT the SAME thing. Things are changing at a rapid rate right now and a lot of financial conversations are needed. It's easy to get…

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