I have heard this time of required self quarantine and sheltering in place as a “disciplinary time out” for the human race.  We have spent so much of our time running from one thing to the next, driven by goal after goal, rushing through the beauty of life chasing after the next thing on our never ending To Do List.

Now with “shelter in place” restrictions and stopping to evaluate what is essential vs. non essential responsibilities in our lives, it has made all of us take a pause.  Many of us now look back and wonder just where was it that we were rushing off to all that time?  What were we in such a hurry to get to? 

Well here is a great opportunity to pick up or re-start a great habit.  Affirmations!  Affirmations can literally change your life.

Writing down affirmations first thing in the morning as a way to start your day feeding your mind and spirit positive intentions and kind words about the type of person that you aspire to be and the way that you want to show up in the world is an exercise that helps you create the kind of world you want to live in.  It helps you paint the beautiful picture of your day and then go out and live in it.  Incorporate the Law of Attraction in your life.

EXIT Realty has created an app that helps you walk this path daily.  You simply download the Prompter! app to your phone (from the Apple Store or Google Play) and it will generate a list of affirmations for you to read and write down for a period of 21 days.  And each day as you read them you will develop a stronger and stronger positive mental attitude and outlook on life and what is important to you.

Prompter! was the brainchild of EXIT Realty Corp Intl founder, Steve Morris.  He has been a student of self improvement and personal development for decades.  Three minutes a day to develop and affirm yourself and speak with deliberate intention over your life is a GIFT you cannot afford to accept and share with others.


Author: Laya Gavin

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